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From humble beginnings in 2007, Aqua Lab Technologies began as a company dedicated to “Pushing the Boundaries of Resin Separation.”  The founders of Aqua Lab Technologies understood and appreciated that medical patients and responsible recreational users of Cannabis might prefer concentrates as a their primary method of ingestion. While spending time abroad in the marijuana friendly cities of Barcelona and Amsterdam, then coming back to the US, a lack of distributors for Cannabis concentrate supplies was recognized.   This issue was addressed leading to the conception and establishment of   As the acceptance and appreciation of Marijuana has spread across the country as well as other parts of the world, Aqua Lab Technologies has grown their online catalogue to include many more products and accessories.  They helped to pave the way for many highly skilled glass artisans to present their functional art to the international community, as well as giving users of Marijuana the ability to shop for products from the comfort and privacy of their home. 


The team that helps “make it happen” at is composed of Medical Marijuana patients and supporters who are passionate and knowledgeable about Cannabis, the many related products and the Marijuana Industry.   They take upmost pride in providing the excellent customer service, high quality products and fast and safe shipping that our valued customers have come to expect.  


Our Focus

Being on the cutting edge of resin separation, Aqua Lab Technologies, Inc. has researched, developed, and put forth a selection of high quality products to aid in the medicinal and responsible recreational use of many forms of Cannabis.  We constantly strive to provide our customers with unique, quality glass products and accessories, with new products regularly being added to our catalogue.


Where Are We?

Our corporate offices and retail storefront, known as "Aqua Lab” are located in the Prop 215 Medicinal Marijuana friendly state of California.  All products we carry are available through both our e-commerce and retail store. You can visit the retail store location at:

Aqua Lab Technologies

215 Jason Court

Corona, CA 92789


Why Shop at

We provide unique, high-end American made cannabis related accessories for medical patients and responsible recreational users of Marijuana around the world. Our online store is secure, easy to use and frequently updated. We use the best security practices to protect you and your information, which is NEVER shared with anyone. Aqua Lab Technologies, Inc. is an Verified Merchant, as well as an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau.


Aqua Lab Technologies, Inc. was founded with this simple mission: To treat everyone with respect and be the best company for customers to buy from, for vendors to sell to and employees to work for.

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Updated April 2016