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Hashish! (2nd Edition) by Robert Connell Clarke


Short Description

Expanded & Updated 2nd Edition!

An amazing, beautiful book that covers the history of hashish, the cultures, and traditional manufacture in all major hashish cultures. Explains what is in hashish—its make-up, chemistry, and pharmacology. Illustrates and evaluates a multitude of smoking and vaporization devices and recipes for recreational and medicinal users. Introduces the new art of high-tech manufacture for making extremely potent hashish suitable for medicine as well as recreation and includes homemade hashish-making using everyday kitchenware. Explains informed, intelligent purchase, how-to evaluate when purchasing. Describes cultivation, manufacture, legendary and contemporary hashish, the hashish market and availability. Covers the how-to of everything you need to make or evaluate hashish!



Product Specs:

  • Updated 2nd Edition 2010
  • Author: Robert Connell Clarke
  • Pages: 389
  • Publisher: Red Eye Press
  • ISBN 978-0-929349-07-7

Additional Information

Additional Information

Color Trichomes
Size 389 Pages
Country of Manufacture United States
Brand Robert Connell Clarke
Video No

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