4.0 Glass

At Aqua Lab Technologies, we're proud to be an authorized retailer of 4.0 Glass by Eric Ross, also known as Four Point 0 Glass. We offer T2 & T4 quartz bangers and T6 Fountain style Terp Slurper and Turbo Top Carb Caps as well, so you can customize your setup to your liking. Our goal is to provide you with the best products and accessories available, so you can enjoy the ultimate dabbing experience.

Our latest product offering is the 4.0 Quartz Enail, developed by Eric Ross in 2017 to solve the common problem of quartz and coils staying together. With the traditional setup, a tight coil around the quartz had to be removed each time, or else the quartz would break from thermal expansion. The 4.0 Quartz/Coil solves this issue by featuring a peg on the bottom that holds a cotter pin, safely securing the coil to the quartz without having to be so tight that it could break the quartz cup. Additionally, the coil is held tight to the bottom of the quartz where the heat is needed most and also heats the sides of the quartz for an even heating experience.

But that's not all - we also offer the Tourbillon Quartz Banger, another innovative design by Eric Ross that was developed in 2016 as an alternative to the basic quartz/cap setup. This design features precisely drilled holes at angles that allow for easy spinning of Terp Pearls and other items within the quartz when capped with a marble or other seal. This feature has become incredibly popular among dab enthusiasts, as it allows for a more customizable and unique experience.

Upgrade your setup today with the 4.0 Quartz Enail and Tourbillon Quartz Banger, and experience the difference that innovative design and top-quality materials can make. Shop now at Aqua Lab Technologies.

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4.0 Glass

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4.0 Glass - Quartz Banger & Enail Coil Set

4.0 Glass
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