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4.0 Glass - Quartz Banger & Enail Coil Set

Choose Your Joint Size 10mm
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Introducing the Quartz Banger & Enail Coil Set from 4.0 Glass (Eross) – the ultimate solution to your dabbing needs. Crafted entirely in America, this combo features an innovative design that keeps the heat where it's needed the most while retaining the perfect temperature for flavorful dabs at all times.

Say goodbye to the frustrating problem of quartz and coils staying together with the 4.0 Quartz/Coil set. In the past, a tight coil around the quartz had to be removed after each use to avoid thermal expansion and breaking the quartz cup. The 4.0 Quartz/Coil has a peg on the bottom that holds a cotter pin, ensuring the coil is safely held to the quartz without breaking it.

The Quartz Banger has a flat top bucket and a 14mm male joint, making it a perfect fit for your favorite glass rig. With a 90-degree angle and an exclusive design by Eric Ross, this banger is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The included Enail Coil is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Disorderly Conduction and is compatible with Pelinail, Shatter Box, and EZ Bake Enail units. It features a woven fiber jacket and uses Ni80Cr20 resistance material made in Germany. The set includes 5 Pin XLR connectors for a secure fit.

Enjoy smooth and flavorful dabs with the 4.0 Glass (Eross) Quartz Banger & Enail Coil Set. Everything you need to get started is included in the package, and the innovative design ensures that your quartz and coil stay together without any hassle.

Upgrade your dabbing game with the 4.0 Glass (Eross) Quartz Banger & Enail Coil Set – order yours now!

Quartz Banger Features:

  • Exclusively designed banger
  • Pure American quartz
  • Flat top bucket
  • 14mm male joint
  • 90-degree angle
  • Includes one locking pin
  • Suggested use with an included coil only
  • Sandblasted 4POINTO logo (sent with new updated logo)
  • Banger Made in Minnesota by Eric Ross
  • Heater Coil by Disorderly Conduction

 Enail Coil Features:

  • Woven fiber jacket
  • Resistance Material: Ni80Cr20 made in Germany
  • Compatible with Pelinail, Shatter Box, EZ Bake Dnail 
  • Includes 5 Pin XLR connector
  • Manufactured by Disorderly Conduction (PeliNail)

Added October 24, 2018