Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers for Bongs offers an exceptional way to increase the filtration and diffusion of your glass bong or water pipe, while also extending the lifespan of your smoking piece. These removable attachments are available in various shapes and styles and are typically equipped with additional percolators to enhance the filtration experience. Not only do they filter impurities from the water, but they also provide more diffused hits, making them an affordable and easy upgrade for older or plain bongs.

By capturing resin and ash leftover from your flower hits, ash catchers help to cool your smoke before inhalation. Available in both 14mm and 18mm sizes, ash catchers come in 45 and 90-degree angles to accommodate your unique piece. With the addition of a J-Hook, your glass ash catcher can be transformed into a portable and functional handheld pipe.

A versatile and budget-friendly accessory, ash catchers are available from esteemed artists such as Encore, GRAV, Seed of Life Glassworks, and Cheech Glass. Shop our selection of clear and colored glass Ash Catchers at Aqua Lab Technologies to experience the benefits of enhanced filtration and diffusion for a smoother smoking experience.

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Ash Catchers

Vendor: Monark Glass

Monark - 90º 18mm Matrix Recycler Ash Catcher

Monark Glass
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