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B. Wilson | 6-Arm Recycler Bong

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Step into the future of smoking with the New Ben Wilson 6-Arm Recycler Bong. This meticulously designed piece is not just a bong but a statement of elegance, innovation, and superior functionality.

Outstanding Features:

  • Ergonomic Design: The flared mouthpiece ensures a comfortable grip and an enhanced smoking experience, allowing for fuller, smoother hits.

  • Advanced Filtration: The bong boasts a reinforced fixed 6 Arm Tree Perc, each arm equipped with a diffusion slit. This intricate design guarantees optimal filtration, delivering consistently smooth and flavorful hits.

  • Splash-Free Experience: The Internal Triple Donut splash guard ensures that water stays where it's supposed to, providing a mess-free smoking session every time.

  • Ready to Use: With a matching 14mm clear glass Martini slide included, this recycler bong is set to deliver an unparalleled experience right out of the box.

  • Premium Build Quality: Crafted with a glass thickness of 5mm, this bong promises durability without compromising on aesthetics. The B. Wilson Sandblasted logo adds an authentic touch of class.

  • Precise Dimensions: Standing tall at an approximate height of 15 inches and a base diameter of 5 inches, this bong offers a substantial and immersive smoking experience.

  • Scientific Glass Construction: The use of scientific glass ensures precision, durability, and a sleek aesthetic, making it a coveted addition to any collection.

  • Authentic Craftsmanship: Proudly handcrafted in California, U.S.A., this bong is a testament to B. Wilson's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and design.

Conclusion: The New Ben Wilson 6-Arm Recycler Bong is the epitome of luxury, functionality, and craftsmanship. Dive into our curated collection of Scientific and Heady glass from B. Wilson at Aqua Lab Technologies and elevate your smoking sessions to new heights.

    Added March 22, 2022