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Ben Wilson - Fumed Straight Tube Bong

Best Seller
Best Seller

These best selling Ben Wilson Straight Tube Bongs feature a classic straight tube design with fumed water chamber, Worked disc screen bong slide and removable 14/18mm diffused downstem perc.  The open-ended, double-slit diffused downstem percolates your water and produces more airflow for smoother hits while the disc screen slide allows your bud to burn evenly. This unique, American made glass bong is affordable,  powerful and easy to clean making it ideal for a daily driver. 

Bong Features:

  • Straight tube design with fumed chamber
  • Wide mouthpiece with flared lip
  • Removable 14/18mm diffused downstem
  • Downstem Length from ground joint: 6"
  • Includes 14mm disc screen slide
  • Approximate bong height: 12 inches
  • Base diameter: 4 inches
  • Clear & Fumed Scientific Glass
  • Ben Wilson Signature Marble
  • Made in California, USA

Added July 12, 2019