Accurate Glass

Accurate - Classic Silicone Bongs

Classic Silicone bongs by Accurate Glass feature a tried-and-true straight tube design made of food-grade silicone. The impact-resistant bong is built to withstand the harshest elements or the clumsiest stoners and will last for years. The straight tube comes complete with a glass bowl and removable multi-hole diffused downstem for classic yet powerful diffusion and the cleanest taste possible. 

Silicone Bong Features:

  • Bendable, unbreakable construction
  • Removable ice catcher/splash guard
  • Borosilicate glass bowl and downstem included
  • Removable 14/18mm multi-slit diffused downstem
  • 14mm flower bowl with roll stop handle
  • Fun, vibrant colors
  • Bong height: 14"
  • Flared base for stability
  • Made in China

How to clean your Silicone Bong:

Use cleaners that are recommended for silicone and acrylic water pipes. Alcohol and salt, and citrus-based cleaners also work well. We recommend cleaning after every use to reduce staining. You can also remove the ice catch and throw it in your washing machine, by itself, on the sanitize, or super hot cycle. It is OK to add a little bleach to the wash cycle, and using the spin cycle won’t hurt.