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ROOR - 14" Pinchless Straight Tube Bong

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Looking for a classic and reliable smoking device? Look no further than the 14-inch ROOR® Classic Straight Tube Bong. Made with premium German Schott Duran Pyrex tubing and featuring a classic straight shot design and authentic ROOR® label, this bong is both durable and stylish. With no ice pinches and a 14/18mm removable open-end downstem, this bong provides smooth and classic diffusion with a low level of water in the chamber. Designed by glass artist Martin Birzle in Germany, ROOR® is a leader in the glass industry, focusing on exceptional function and high-end craftsmanship in every bong, rig, or water pipe they produce.

Features of ROOR® Classic Straight Tube Bong

The ROOR® Classic Straight Tube Bong boasts several features that make it a top choice for smoking enthusiasts:

  1. Authentic ROOR® Bong: The ROOR® Classic Straight Tube Bong is a genuine ROOR® product, known for its premium quality and craftsmanship. It comes with a serial number authenticator tag, ensuring its authenticity.

  2. Classic straight shot design: The straight shot design of this bong allows for a direct and smooth airflow, providing a satisfying smoking experience.

  3. No ice pinches: Unlike some other bongs, the ROOR® Classic Straight Tube Bong does not have ice pinches. This allows for a more streamlined design and easy cleaning.

  4. Includes 14mm funnel slide: The bong comes with a 14mm funnel slide, making it convenient to load and light your herbs.

  5. 14/18mm removable open-end downstem: The removable downstem makes it easy to clean and maintain the bong. It also allows for customization with different downstem options to suit your preferences.

  6. Approximate bong height: 14 inches: With a height of 14 inches, this bong provides a comfortable smoking experience and is easy to handle.

  7. Flared base diameter: 5.5 inches: The flared base of the bong ensures stability and prevents it from tipping over easily.

  8. Tube diameter: 50mm: The 50mm tube diameter allows for a smooth and unrestricted airflow, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

  9. 5mm thick, premium boro glass: The ROOR® Classic Straight Tube Bong is made of premium German Schott Duran Pyrex tubing, which is 5mm thick and known for its durability and heat resistance.

  10. ROOR® label: The bong features an authentic ROOR® label, a mark of high-quality craftsmanship and authenticity.

Premium Quality and Authenticity

One of the key reasons why the ROOR® Classic Straight Tube Bong is a popular choice among smoking enthusiasts is its premium quality and authenticity. ROOR® is a renowned brand in the glass industry, known for producing high-end smoking devices with exceptional function and craftsmanship. The bong comes with a serial number authenticator tag, ensuring that you are getting a genuine ROOR® product.

Added April 7, 2023

NOTE: All ROOR® glass bongs are hand-blown making the sizes and downstem lengths slightly vary on occasion.