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ROOR® Tech - Pink Stemless Percolator Bong

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Elevate your smoking experience with the 14" ROOR® Tech Glass Pink Bong. Crafted meticulously with unparalleled design, this piece isn't just a bong - it's a testament to the fusion of form and function. Its stemless straight design boasts a 45mm diameter mouthpiece adorned with a flared lip, ensuring maximum comfort with every draw. Love a chilled smoking session? The three strategically placed ice notches promise a cooler, smoother hit every time.

Anchored within the chamber, the Pink multi-slit Bell Percolator isn't just a pretty face. It guarantees phenomenal percolation and optimizes the volume in the water chamber, ensuring that every hit is as smooth as it's potent.

Want to dive right into your session? We've got you covered. The bong comes with an 18mm ROOR® classic three-pinch slide.

Bong Features:

  • Authenticity Guaranteed: Genuine RooR Tech Bong with serial number authenticator tag.
  • Stemless Design: Offers a smoother flow and easier cleaning.
  • Cool Hits: Thanks to the three ice notches.
  • Reinforced Design: 18mm female joint ensures durability.
  • Optimal Filtration: Diffused water chamber paired with a Bell Percolator.
  • Specifications: Stands at 14 inches with a 5-inch flared base diameter and a 45mm tube diameter.
  • Premium Material: Made of 5mm thick, high-quality boro glass.
  • Distinct Branding: Registered RooR Tech Black & White label.
  • Global Inspiration, Local Craftsmanship: Designed in Germany but handblown with precision in California, U.S.A.


Q: How tall is the bong?
A: The bong has a total height of 14 inches.

Q: What's the diameter of the mouthpiece?
A: The mouthpiece boasts a 45mm diameter for comfortable usage.

Q: Is the percolator detachable?
A: No, the Pink multi-slit Bell Percolator is fixed to ensure stable and consistent percolation.

Q: What's the thickness of the glass used?
A: This bong is made from premium 5mm thick boro glass, ensuring durability and a high-quality feel.

Remember, every smoking session is unique, but with the 14" ROOR® Tech Glass Pink Bong, it's bound to be unforgettable. Choose quality, choose RooR.

    Added September 20, 2023