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Carb Caps

Carb Caps are an essential tool when it comes to dabbing, as it helps you to maximize your titanium or quartz nail's potential; they also provide the best flavor return possible from your concentrates. Carb Caps are available in glass, quartz or titanium designs, and they work to trap in the heat received from your butane torch and electric nail or 'E-nail' setup. Low temp dabs are the best way to get the most flavor out of your terpenes, and carb caps provide the ideal way to control the level of heat retention. Adjustable carb caps allow you to personalize the amount of airflow present with each dab, while timer carb caps countdown the precise time needed before your low temp dab is ready, via hourglass sand. Terp Tuner brand offers a range of clear and colored adjustable carb caps, available in both regular and XL sizes. Diamond Caps carry a selection of 20mm worked and sandblasted simply designed carb caps, while Highly Educated is the leader when it comes to selecting a titanium carb cap, available with matching dabbers as well. High heat and oxygen are the main culprits when it comes to not getting the most out of your dabbing experience, using the right carb cap will completely change your concentrate consumption. Shop a wide variety of colors, styles, and brands of Carb Caps from different artists at Aqua Lab Technologies today.
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