Highly Educated

Highly Educated - Flat Tip Dabber with Carb Cap

The Flat Head Concentrate Dabber with Carb Cap combo by Highly Educated includes the most popular dabber design with the attached carb cap at a discounted price! The two piece set includes the versatile flat tip dabber which is best suited for a wide range of concentrate consistencies with the attached dual handle option carb cap. Utilize the attached titanium carb cap to carb your concentrate hits. The new Dual Handle Option offers the choice to have handle or dabber attachment come out the side of the carb cap, rather than the top, eliminating the possibility of it crashing into foreheads or hat brims. The point of using a Highly Educated Carb Cap is to obtain full vaporization at the lowest temperature possible. The one angled hole around the edge of the cap creates a vortex pointed at the moat of the nail. This vortex helps spread and thin your material on the nail. Smothering your material in this manner prevents pooling or puddling and also has an astound effect on flavor. The cap also helps by providing insulation as well as protection from the wind for outdoor applications.

Titanium Flat Tip Dabber Features:

  • Includes Flat chiseled tip
  • Complete length: 4.75 inches
  • Dabber diameter: 0.13"
  • Removable carb cap includes dual handle option
  • Compatible nails: HE DualiTi / HE InfiniTi large cap / HE E-nail
  • Compatible attachments: HE M/S/L/XL shafts, CC Ball Point Dabber, CC Flat Tip Dabber
  • Logo: Highly Educated engraved logo
  • Material: Grade 2 titanium
  • Polished easy to clean surface
  • Made in the U.S.A.