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Diamond - 14mm Reclaim Catcher

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The Diamond Glass Reclaim Catcher is a scientifically designed accessory that enhances the performance of your 14mm dab rig or bong. Its two ground joints and 90º angle create an ideal setup for catching leftover concentrate reclaim that may not have fully vaporized during your dab session.

Crafted from lightweight materials, this high-quality catcher also features a removable silicone chamber that makes it effortless to retrieve your reclaim and clean the catcher.

The catcher's approximate height of 3.5 inches and base diameter of 1.25 inches make it compatible with most rigs and bongs. Plus, with the iconic Diamond Glass logo adorning its body, this catcher adds a touch of style to your smoking setup.

Invest in the Diamond Glass Reclaim Catcher to ensure that your rig or bong stays clean and functional, while also saving you money on costly concentrates. This accessory is the perfect addition for the serious smoker who values both performance and style.

Reclaim Catcher Features:

  • Reclaim catcher
  • Removable bottom
  • 90º joint angle
  • 14mm ground joints
  • Scientific Glass Accessory
  • Removable silicone bottom with lid
  • Approximate height: 3.5 inches
  • Base diameter: 1.25 inches
  • Diamond Glass logo

Added March 17, 2023

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