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BTGB - Yoshi Egg Carb Caps

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BTGB Yoshi Egg bubble caps are hand-blown from quality borosilicate glass in the USA and fit most quartz bangers and is a perfect way to add a heady touch to your dab setup. Bubble caps increase airflow to maximize the vapor production of your dab making sure no oil, wax, or rosin is wasted and all oil is vaporized. Yoshi sandblasted egg caps are effective and simple to use, just set the carb cap on top of your quartz banger or roll it in any direction to push your wax or oil to the corners of your nail ensuring all material is vaped. Carb caps reduce air intake leaving just enough space for a small bit of air to squeeze through, creating milky white flavorful dabs. These unique carb caps are perfect for a video game fan or for any glass collector that wants to relive a bit of their childhood with every dab.

Carb Cap Features:

  • Directional airflow bubble cap
  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Variety of color handles available 
  • Yoshi sandblasted egg patterns
  • Fits a variety of quartz banger bucket sizes
  • Some handles do color change and may appear slightly different than the photo
  • Carb hole on top of the handle
  • Approximate height: 2"
  • Made in USA

    Added Jun 15, 2020