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Accurate Glass - Terp Pearls

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Terp Pearls from Accurate Glass. These affordable, quality Terp Pearls are available in quartz or silicon carbide, both work great to retain heat to produce flavorful milky dabs. Get your money’s worth on every dab by using Terp Pearls to fully vaporize your concentrates down to the last terp! Add a spinner carb cap to your dab setup and drop a pearl or two in your banger and watch as it spins around, transferring heat evenly across your dabbing surface as well as preventing the oil from pooling in any one spot.

Terp Pearls Features:

  • 10 Pearls included
  • Quartz or Silicon Carbide options
  • (Luminous glows in the dark)
  • Luminous Green size 6-8mm
  • Silicon Carbide size: 5mm
  • Best heat retention
  • Optimal Flavor
  • Increased surface area
  • Requires use of butane torch

Added November 3, 2022

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