Health Stone Glass

HSG - Basic Hand Vape Pipe

HSG Basic Hand Vapes make vaping concentrates and taking dabs as easy as using a traditional flower bowl. Vapor Stones are designed to fit perfectly in Health Stone Glass hand vapes and vapor slides. There is no need for large butane torches as the Original Vapor Stone takes minimal time to heat. The Original Vapor Stone is the only stone completely engineered for this purpose, made with health, happiness and user satisfaction in mind. Vapor stones are easy to clean, easy to use and require little maintenance making them a wonderful travel companion. 

To use the HSG Hand Vape, you simply drop your concentrate on top of the Healthstone Vapor Stone. To start vaping, heat the stone by holding a triple flame torch lighter at a distance of 1-2 inches from the stone. The concentrate will then be melted into, and vaporized, inside the stone. Proceed to inhale and enjoy your wax, oil or shatter through your hand vape. 

It is suggested to clean your HSG Vapor Stone and Hand Vape in isopropyl alcohol or Dark Crystal Cleaner only. 

Dab Pipe Features:

  • New 2019 line up
  • A variety of colors available
  • Handvape & 1 original vapor stone included
  • For best experience use a double or triple butane torch lighter
  • Quality, boro glass
  • HSG logo (placement may vary)
  • Made in USA

Added April 10, 2019