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Dabbing has become the most common way to vaporize concentrates for both medicinal and recreational cannabis users. In order to dab you need an oil rig or glass bong and a concentrate nail on your joint instead of a slide or bowl. The most popular type of dabbing nails are made from titanium and quartz, and each type offers it’s own set of benefits. Titanium nails are best for longer lasting heat retention, and are less likely to break if dropped or heated up for long periods of time. Quartz nails are ideal if you prefer low temp dabbing, or the superior quality of flavor only quartz can provide. No matter which dabbing method you prefer to use, a butane torch or electric nail is necessary to heat up your concentrate nail to the optimum temperature to enjoy your dabs. Shop our wide variety of dab utensils which features essential dab tools, accessories and supplies needed to complete your dab rig set-ups from wax bongs, concentrate dabbers, torches, oil rigs, vapor tubes, and quartz bangers just to name a few. Dab rigs are often smaller than flower bongs and focus on flavor over percolators.  Smaller sized wax rigs are preferred for enhanced dab flavor because waxes, concentrates and hash oils are already refined, meaning less filtration is needed to produce high quality flavorful vapor. Many OG smokers still opt for a powerful perc to stack their vapor bubbles and provide a powerful hit to companion the flavor. Whichever your dabbing style is, we have a nice dab rig available for your smoking pleasure.

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