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90º Side Load Vapor Globe Set

Joint Size 14mm
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Transform your  waterpipe into a concentrate smoking wonder with the Aqua Lab Tech Vapor Globe Set. This innovative accessory revolutionizes your smoking experience.

Featuring a Side Load Vapor Dome Top and an  Female Vapor Dome Joint, this set is meticulously designed for convenience and compatibility. The Male Adapter ensures a seamless fit, offering versatility for your setup.

Included is an 18mm Divided Glass Nail, ensuring flavorful and potent concentrate sessions. Enhance your experience with the Black ALT Beaker Label, a symbol of style and authenticity.

Crafted in California, U.S.A., this vapor globe set embodies quality craftsmanship. Elevate your smoking ritual with the Aqua Lab Tech Vapor Globe Set – where innovation meets functionality.

Ready to elevate your concentrate sessions? Elevate them with this exceptional set. Order now for an enhanced smoking experience.

Vapor Globe Set Features:

    • Side Load Vapor Dome Top
    • Vapor Dome Joint: 18mm Female
    • Adapter: 14mm Male or 18mm Male Adapter 
    • Concentrate Nail: One 18mm Divited Glass Nail 
    • Logo: Black ALT Beaker Label
    • Made in California, U.S.A.

    5 Easy Steps:

      • Step One: Prepare ball of essence at end of a dabber. (recommendation: use a dental pick, or a paper clip)
      • Step Two: Place device on a tube, remove the female globe top; leave the nail in the male apparatus. Strongly recommend using a small tube for this gadget, a 100 ml-250 ml is ideal.
      • Step Three: Using a butane torch heat the top of the nail until most of the ash/coal/residue is burnt off, is this a good indication your hot enough for the fun to start.
      • Step Four: Place the top on and begin to inhale before applying Concentrate as to not let smoke/vapor escape.
      • Step Five: Sit back, enjoy.

      Added June 10, 2011