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Drop Down - 45º 10 Female to 18 Female

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This adapter includes a 90º joint to 45º joint connected by a 4.25" tube. 45º drop down adapters work really well with straight tubes with stemless designs and allow you to customize the look of your bong while making additional accessories like concentrate nails and enails more accessible by either changing the size or location of the additional joint. This is a clear glass adapter with a 90º 18mm female joint to a 45º 10mm female joint. The 18mm female joint includes a black Boro Syndicate label.

Drop Down Adapter Features:

  • 90º joint size: 18mm Female
  • 45º joint size: 10mm Female
  • Connector tube length: 4.25 inches
  • Actual Measurements May Vary
  • Clear glass
  • Boro Syndicate Black logo
  • Made in Utah

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