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4.O Glass - Quartz Banger & Coil Set

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The Quartz Banger & Enail Coil Set from 4. O Glass (Eross). This 100% American Banger/Coil Combo features a pin that locks the Enail heater coil to the bottom of the quartz bucket. This innovative bottom lock design keeps the heat where it is needed most while the deep quartz bucket retains the perfect temperature for flavorful dabs at all times. The included Enail Coil was manufactured in the U.S.A. by Disorderly Conduction to use with the 4. O Glass Quartz Banger and it will work with PeliNail, EZ Bake,  DNail, TuffNail, and Shatterbox electric nail units.

Quartz Banger Features:

  • Exclusive designed banger
  • Pure American quartz
  • Flat top bucket
  • 14mm male joint
  • 90-degree angle
  • Includes 1 locking pin
  • Suggested use with an included coil only
  • Sandblasted 4POINTO logo (sent with new updated logo)
  • Banger made in Minnesota by Eric Ross
  • Heater coil by Disorderly Conduction

 Enail Coil Features:

  • Woven fiber jacket
  • Resistance Material: Ni80Cr20 made in Germany
  • Compatible with Pelinail, Shatter Box, EZ Bake Enail 
  • Includes 5 Pin XLR connector
  • Manufactured by Disorderly Conduction (PeliNail)

Added October 24, 2018

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