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Domeless Nails

Domeless Nails are the method of choice for enjoying cannabis concentrates with ease. The biggest benefit to using a domeless nail is that they eliminate the hassle of using a glass vapor dome on your piece while you dab. No more scrambling to slip the dome over your nail in time before it starts to lose its heat. Domeless nail options are available in both titanium and quartz designs, as well as a hybrid nail which consists of a combination of the two. Titanium domeless concentrate nails are a popular choice, as they can withstand multiple high heatings from a torch or e-nail, without fear of cracking or breaking. Quartz domeless bangers also require the use of a butane torch or e-nail, heat up quickly and are ideal for low temp dabbing because they provide exceptional flavor from your concentrates.  Domeless nails are available in a variety of joint sizes made to fit almost any dab rig, mini bong or vapor tube. Shop our selection of domeless and quartz titanium nails from trusted artists like Highly Educated and Joel Halen Glass.

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