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Downstems are an essential and basic necessity when it comes to smoking from a glass bong, and in some cases even from a dab rig. Downstems are the middle piece between you and the smoke provided from your hit of flower, and they work to direct and carry the flow of your smoke from your bowl piece upwards through the water chamber and neck before inhalation. The pattern or 'perc' style at the bottom of your chosen downstem offers extra diffusion and helps to cool your smoke before it reaches your lips, at Aqua Lab we carry a variety of perc designs from various artists such as Alex K, Sovereignty and Sheldon Black to meet your specific needs. Showerhead, gridded and multi-hole or slit style percs are among the most popular styles available, each provides a unique blend of a cooler hit and smoother diffusion. The length of your downstem is a crucial element as well, make sure to properly measure the length you will need by beginning your measurements at the top of the grounded joint on the downstem, NOT at the very top of the piece itself. Continue your measurements to the very end of the stem to ensure the exact length required, you may also measure what length is needed without a downstem present from within your water pipe by placing your measuring tape through the downstem joint until it reaches the bottom of the bong. Downstems are available in 14mm, 18mm and also a combination of the two sizes or a 14/18mm downstem which allows you to place the stem within a 18mm sized joint fitting, but you can still enjoy your herb through a 14mm sized slide or bowl piece. Not only limited to glass, we also offer downstems in metal and silicone such as the Titan-Stem adjustable and interchangeable downstems, or the Pulsar silicone replacement downstem as well if you prefer a more break-resistant style piece. Shop online through our wide selection of Downstems and other Glass Accessories available from a variety of glass artists at Aqua Lab Technologies today.
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