Dynomite Glass

Dynomite - 45º 18mm Diffused Ash Catcher

Big Savings
Big Savings

Upgrade your bong with a Diffused Ash Catcher by Dynomite Glass. Ash Catcher will pre-cool your smoke while diffusing it through the multi-slit perc. This small addition will provide a cooler, smoother smoking experience. This 45 Degree Ash Catcher includes an 18mm male joint.

Ash Catcher Features:

  • Perc: Fixed 4 slit diffused downstem
  • Integrated Push bowl with one hole
  • Ash catcher joint: 18mm male
  • Slide joint angle: 45 Degree
  • Complete height: 4.00 inches
  • Base diameter: 1.50 inches
  • Actual sizes may vary 
  • Logo: Red & Black Dynomite Detonator
  • Made in California

Added  August 9, 2016