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Eyce Molds

Eyce Molds has become the latest innovator within the affordable dab and oil rig game. Their recent invention of the ingenious Silicone Oil Rig has gained momentum quickly and for good reason; they have created an unbreakable dab rig with which to smoke waxes, hashes, oils and shatters from. Made from food grade, BPA free silicone, this indestructible water pipe comes complete with built in slots around the base, perfect for holding your dab utensils while not in use. The body of the wax rig can store your concentrate containers, and includes an easy to remove top. Each silicone dab rig comes with a Grade 2 Titanium domeless concentrate nail and small metal dabber. Not limited to just oil rigs; Eyce Molds has also designed a unique take on the traditional bong with the Eyce 2.0, their first concept to hit the market. The silicone ice mold allows you to create your own one of a kind bong at home, simply by adding water to the pre made mold and freezing. Despite being made from water, the bong will not melt right away and can last for a long session between friends without turning to sludge. The Original 2.0 kit comes with everything needed to complete your at home water pipe, and includes a detailed user guide.

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