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Boro Farm Glass

Boro Farm Glass - Terps UFO Carb Cap

UFO Carb Caps by Boro Farm Glass feature a true UFO shape and are made to use with a variety of quartz bangers and buckets. Simple to use, just lay the carb cap on top of any quartz banger nail to carb your concentrate dabs. Carb caps reduce air intake by covering the banger's top and leaving just enough space for a small bit of air to squeeze through, creating milky white flavorful dabs.

Carb Cap Features:

  • Terps colored glass
  • Subtle color change
  • Fits standard and XL buckets
  • Made of 100% quality glass
  • Authentic UFO shape
  • Dab Utensil
  • Approximate 1.5" diameter 
  • Patterns may vary slightly from photo

    Added January 22, 2019