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Payload Bags

Payload Bags - 5 Gallon 160µ Single Bag

Big Savings
Big Savings

Payload filtration bags allow you to safely and efficiently separate the valuable resins that plants naturally secrete, without the use of any chemicals

Single Bag Feature:

  • Drawstring for a tight fit
  • Industrial Waterproof Nylon Sidewalls
  • Strongest Filter on the market, guaranteed pore size
  • Surge seamed with nylon upholstery thread for strength
  • 4 Grommets for use in a suspension pulley system
  • Filters are very sturdy and the increased filter design in the sidewall allows the water to flow out of the bags faster and with less stress on the stitching
  • All Bags are color coded, numbered and labeled
  • High quality drying screen provided
  • Micron Size: 160 Micron
  • Size: 5 Gallon