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Freeek Glass - Direct BrainLine Dab Rig Set

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Dab Rig Features:
  • Includes Knotted Worked Sections
  • Dab Rig Joint: 14mm Male Joint
  • Perc: Seventeen Slit Diffused InLine Perc
  • Dab Dome: 14mm Female Knotted Worked Top Load Dab Dome
  • Concentrate Nail: One 14mm Clear Glass Nail Included
  • Slide: 14mm Female Worked Knotted Push Bowl Slide with Horn Handle 
  • Height to Top of Mouthpiece: 7.50 inches 
  • Height to Top of Dab Dome: 4.75 inches 
  • Two Freeek Brain Marbles Included
  • Signature: Freeek Signature Millie Included
  • Signed in Ti Pen: SA 2011
  • Made in Wisconsin