Zum Glass

Zum - 18mm Worked Horn Slide

Add a heady touch to your bong, bubbler or water pipe with a worked 18mm  Screen Slide by Zum Glass. Each quality, boro slide features a fully worked flower bowl with worked 4-hole diffusion screen which increases airflow for a smoother smoking experience. Attached to the heady herb bowl is a long horn attachment for easy handling and to prevent the bowl from rolling unexpectedly. Zum slides are handblown in Southern California in collaboration with CRS Glass and feature beautiful line work and unique color combinations.

Screen Slide Features:

  • Worked flower and horn
  • Fixed 4-hole colored screen
  • Heady glass colors & line work patterns
  • 18mm male joint
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Horn handle
  • Collab with CRS Glass
  • Made locally in California 

Added March 14, 2019

Each bong bowl is handblown and unique. Actual bowl and horn patterns may vary slightly from photo.