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MJ's Arsenal

MJ's Arsenal was launched in November of 2016 and was founded by Adam Buck and Josh Camitta. Both were long time blunt smokers who wanted to produce a product that would add the benefits of water filtration and smoother, diffused hits coupled with their passion for enjoying blunts. The two worked together to create The Martian, a palm sized mini bubbler with carb hole designed to hold almost any size joint or blunt for filtered tokes. They have since expanded on their original idea, creating the King Toke Pyramid Bubbler with upgraded dual-slit diffuser and a wider body for even bigger blunt rips than before. At Aqua Lab Technologies we carry both of these designs, as well as their line of Silicone Bumper Packs, which fit snugly around the base of either bubbler to help protect against accidental breakage, tips or spills.
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