Constant Gemstones

Constant Gemstones - SiC Peak Insert v1

Upgrade your stock Puffco Peak atomizer with a Constant Gemstones SiC (Silicon Carbide Ceramic) Peak Insert. Constant Gems SiC Peak Inserts increase vapor production and enhances dab flavor while preserving your Peaks battery power. SiC inserts fit snuggly in your original Peak atomizer housing and replaces the original ceramic nail that comes with your Peak Smart Rig. Upgrading from regular ceramic to silicon carbide ceramic adds to the flavor of your dab and the overall heat retention of your PuffCo Peak Smart Rig vaporizer. To use: easily remove the outer rubber ring of the Atomizer then remove the stock atomizer insert and replace with your Constant Gemstones SiC Peak Insert. 

SiC Insert Features:

  • Authentic SiC Peak Insert
  • Version 1
  • Fits the PuffCo Peak Atomizer perfectly 
  • Recommend use on green cycle
  • The Puffco Peak is not included 
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Gemstone grabber and cloth included
  • Made in Tennesse, USA

Added June 12, 2019

Inserts are in stock and ready to ship. Limited quantities are available.