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Obi Glass

John O’Brien of Obi Glass has been in the Industry for over 20 years and is based out of Southern California, where he resides in Crestline with his 2 dogs. John produces glass adapters and accessories, but enjoys focusing his glass working style on fumed dab rigs and wax bongs. These heady and surprisingly cheap wax and oil rigs typically feature millies worked into the flared base of the pieces, as well as unique, encased millie accents positioned along the water chamber. His oil rigs come with slender, bent necks for easy accessibility and more notably, Gridded Stemline style percs. These fixed and reinforced inline multi-slit percs offer exceptional diffusion and stacks of bubbles for a smooth and powerful hit every time. Obi Glass proudly provides sturdy and heavy duty American Made, Worked bongs and wax rigs at affordable prices. Shop our selection of Heady Obi Glass pieces available at Aqua Lab Technologies today.


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