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Quave CB - 25mm Flat Club Bangers

Choose Your Glass Joint Size & Angle 45º 10mm Male
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Discover the pinnacle of dabbing perfection with Quave Club Bangers, proudly crafted from 100% pure American quartz. Our bangers are the ultimate choice for connoisseurs seeking a superior dabbing experience.

At the heart of our bangers is a 25mm beveled quartz bucket with a flat bottom. This innovative design not only increases airflow but also allows for a higher volume, enhancing the full flavor profile of your cherished oils, shatter, or wax.

The beveled edges of our bangers are the ideal complement to your carb cap, enabling precise control over airflow direction. Experience the freedom to tailor your hits just the way you like them.

Our bangers are built to perform, featuring a robust 4mm thick base. This design not only accelerates heat-up time but also retains heat exceptionally well, guaranteeing consistently perfect low-temperature dabs.

Key Quartz Banger Features:

  • High-end Quality Quartz: Crafted to perfection, our bangers are a testament to quality and precision.
  • 100% American Made: Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring the highest standards.
  • Beveled Edge: Enhance your dabbing control and airflow with our intelligently designed beveled edges.
  • XXL Size: Experience spaciousness with an ample 25mm bucket size.
  • 2mm Wall Thickness: Durability meets elegance with our precisely engineered banger walls.
  • 4mm Flat Bottom: For rapid heating and impeccable heat retention.
  • 90 or 45 Degree Angles: Choose your preferred angle for a personalized experience.
  • 10 or 14mm Joint Options: Tailor your setup to your liking.
  • Etched Graphic on Bucket Bottom: A touch of artistry in every hit.
  • Requires Use of a Butane Torch: Ensure you're ready to enjoy the full potential of our bangers.
  • Made in Washington, U.S.A.: Handcrafted with care in the heart of America.

Elevate your dabbing game to new heights with Quave Club Bangers. Precision-engineered for the true aficionado, our bangers are the epitome of quality and craftsmanship. Experience the difference, and savor every hit. Made in the USA, for dabbers like you.

    Added November 4, 2022