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Cone Artist Spliff & Cone Rolling Tool

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Be a true Cone Artist. Roll your perfect cones, spliffs, and blunts with this all-in-one cone-rolling tool and your favorite rolling paper. Roll it up, fill it up, light it up, and enjoy! This easy-to-use rolling machine makes rolling a Dutch-style joint easy and fun. 

 Cone Maker Features:

  • Roll perfect cones every time. Roll, fill, then enjoy. Made of plastic Complete length: 5" Color: Orange Designed in Sweden Logo: Cone Artist
  • Instructions for the Perfect Spliff, Blunt, or Cone:
  • Roll and insert the filter
  • Place rolling paper around Cone Artist's body and roll a nice cone-shape
  • Fill the included funnel with herbs and tap the content into a cone
  • Pack and seal
  • Light up
  • Smoke & Enjoy
  • Designed in Sweden

Added January 20, 2016