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ROOR Glass - 14mm Crown Slides

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Experience the pinnacle of bong bowl perfection with ROOR® Crown Slides. Designed to complement any straight tube or beaker bong, these remarkable bowl slides are the ultimate enhancement for your smoking sessions.

Featuring a carefully crafted funnel-type bowl, ROOR® Crown Slides elevate your bong experience to new heights. The ingenious design increases airflow, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable hit every time. Say goodbye to uneven burns and embrace the pleasure of evenly burned flowers.

With a 14mm male joint, these slides offer seamless compatibility with most bongs, bubblers, and water pipes featuring a female joint. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of smoking accessories, the ROOR® Crown Slides effortlessly integrate into your preferred setup, delivering unparalleled performance.

Stability is of paramount importance, and that's why the Crown roll stop nubs are fixed securely to the bowl. No more concerns about accidental spills or your prized piece toppling over. The roll-stop nubs provide a solid foundation, ensuring worry-free enjoyment of your smoking rituals.

Rest assured, each ROOR® Crown Slide bears the prestigious registered ROOR® label, signifying its authenticity and commitment to excellence. Crafted with precision in California, USA, these slides exemplify the highest standards of quality.

Enhance your smoking experience and embrace perfection with ROOR® Crown Slides. Enjoy increased airflow, consistent burns, and the utmost stability. Don't settle for anything less – choose the best for your bong. Elevate your sessions to extraordinary heights with ROOR® Crown Slides. Made in California, USA.

Bong Bowl Features:

  • Funnel Type slide
  • 14mm ground joint
  • Roll stop nubs
  • Registered ROOR® label
  • Made in California, U.S.A.

Added May 16, 2023

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