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Rosin Tech Accessories

Rosin Tech Accessories

We offer a variety of Rosin Tech Accessories and tools to help you yield the best return possible. The Rosin Tech method is a popular form of resin and trichome extraction that does not require any solvents,  all you need is just heat and pressure. The process works best when a small amount of nugs are placed inside of a piece of folded parchment paper, and then pressed between a heated hair straightener or a heavy duty pneumatic press. The combination of high heat and heavy pressure produces a light colored hash oil liquid from your nugs that is ready to dab without the worry of harsh additives. Whether you are pressing at home for personal use, or a much larger amount, our selection of rosin tech bags, stamps, pressing screens and parchment paper at Aqua Lab Technologies has got you covered.

CannaFlex Screens

CannaFlex - 25 Micron Pressing Screen