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Scientific Inhalations

SI Pipes - 18mm Ultra Carbon Filter Adapter

Scientific Inhalations Filters are made in the USA by professional glass artists using high-quality glass and ground joints. Filters can be filled with Organic Cotton or Virgin Coconut Carbon. Help your body experience the benefits of a cooler, cleaner delivery method and still retain the potency and flavor of your medicine. Scientific Inhalations Original Filter Adapter is handmade with high quality (Schott or Simex) glass in California. The inner dome filter has four slits on the side with a cross slit on the top. These slits are designed to allow the exact amount of (air/flow) to pass through.

Ultra Filter Adapter Features:

  • Six Slit Fixed Glass Filter 
  • Female Slide Joint: 18mm
  • Male Slide Joint: 18mm
  • Complete Length: 5 inches
  • Logo: Red & Black Scientific Inhalations Label 
  • One bag of virgin coconut carbon
  • 5" wooden poker
  • Made in California