Seed of Life Glassworks

Delve into the world of Seed of Life Glassworks, a California-based artisan brand that has masterfully combined scientific precision with intricate artistry since 2002. Renowned for their high-end scientific glass bongs, ash catchers, and dab rigs, the standout feature is their signature Lace perc. This design, while rooted in ancient flameworking traditions, offers unparalleled water percolation, marking the latest exquisite line from Seed of Life.

Beyond just functionality, Seed of Life Glassworks is an ode to fine art. The Lace perc variations, including the Lace-Sphere, Double Lace-Disc Percs, and Lace Perc downstems, demonstrate the brand's commitment to design evolution. For those seeking rarity, limited-edition heady glass pieces, sandblasted patterns inspired by sacred geometry, and collaborative rigs are exclusively available at Aqua Lab Technologies. With every creation, Seed of Life Glassworks is not just shaping glass, but sculpting an experience.


  1. What distinguishes Seed of Life Glassworks from other brands? Seed of Life stands out due to its intricate Lace perc designs, rooted in ancient techniques yet modernized for optimal water percolation and aesthetics.

  2. How does the Lace perc enhance the smoking experience? The Lace perc, with its intricate design, offers superior water percolation, ensuring smoother and cooler hits for an unparalleled experience.

  3. What unique designs can I expect from Seed of Life Glassworks? Apart from their signature Lace perc, you can find variations like the Lace-Sphere, Double Lace-Disc Percs, and Lace Perc downstems. Additionally, they offer limited-edition heady glass pieces and sandblasted sacred geometry patterns.

  4. Where can I buy authentic Seed of Life Glassworks products? Aqua Lab Technologies is a trusted retailer, ensuring you get genuine Seed of Life Glassworks pieces, reflecting both artistry and functionality.

  5. Why choose Seed of Life Glassworks for my collection? Opting for Seed of Life means embracing a blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring both an aesthetic appeal and superior smoking functionality.

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Seed of Life Glassworks

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Seed of Life Glassworks
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