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Smoking Essentials

Smoking Essentials are the most common tools every stoner should carry in order to have an enjoyable smoking experience. Rolling Papers, lighters, herb grinders, containers, bags, scales, and other smoking necessities are all available at Aqua Lab Technologies. If you prefer to smoke and roll your own joints or blunts, we carry a variety of papers, glass tips and rolling trays to fit your style and needs. No matter how you enjoy your herb, everyone needs something to light it with! Shop our selection of Bic lighters, butane torches, Herb Iron's, Plazmatic and torch lighters. Hempwick pairs perfectly with your lighter of choice, as it helps to reduce butane intake. Containers are a necessity if you plan to travel with your medication. Smelly Proof bags, Medtainers, Doob Tubes, and Oil Slick balls all offer a variety of storage options and price points to fit your budget. We ship lighters, ashtrays, hemp wick and all other essentials needed to make your smoking experience pleasantly perfect.
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