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Herb Iron - 110v North American Plug

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Step into a new era of smoking accessories with Herb-Iron. Designed meticulously with user convenience and safety in mind, Herb-Iron is the go-to solution for those who prioritize precision and uncompromising quality.

Key Features of Herb-Iron:

  • Push-Button Convenience: Activate the device with just a single button press. No more fumbling or figuring things out.
  • Rapid Heating: The 25-watt ceramic heating element ensures the device reaches optimal smoking temperatures in just 6-8 seconds from a cold start. And as your session progresses, these heat-up times become even shorter.
  • Safety First: Once you release the power button, the Herb-Iron begins to cool down immediately, becoming touch-safe within a mere 4-5 minutes.
  • No More Butane: Say goodbye to expensive butane lighters. Herb-Iron offers a butane-free heating experience.
  • Electric Advantage: Powered by 110 Volts, designed specifically for North American users.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in an array of colors, the Herb-Iron doesn't just function well – it looks great too.
  • Branding: Proudly flaunting the 'H.I.' label on its handle, signaling quality and authenticity.
  • Designed with Care: The key challenge with soldering irons is human error, and Herb-Iron's design actively addresses this concern, offering consistent results every time.
  • Homegrown Excellence: Each Herb-Iron is crafted with pride in California, ensuring you get nothing but the best, American-made quality.

Join us at Aqua Lab Technologies as we introduce you to Herb-Iron's range of top-tier heating tools and glass smoking accessories. Elevate your smoking experience with precision tools made for the discerning user.

    Added October 9, 2017

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