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Highly Educated

Highly Educated is the leader in innovated technology when it comes to titanium and quartz products in the cannabis supply industry. HE offers 99.9 pure Ti and quartz concentrate nails, carb caps, dabbers and other accessories needed for a proper rig set up and dab station. Through constant research and development Highly Educated continues to maintain their industry standard and develop products with the hashish connoisseur in mind.

Putting quality first, Highly Educated has become the leading brand with quality, reliable, and functional dab utensils. Highly Educated has brought us innovating tools such as their various Carb Cap designs, along with the first adjustable Concentrate Nail and Domeless Titanium dab nails.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

New to the Highly Educated lineup are their quartz products. Their quartz domeless concentrate nails are machined from GE semiconductor grade fused quartz in the USA. Just like their Titanium products, Highly Educated Quartz is 99.9% pure and 100% American made. Although Titanium products are durable and efficient, quartz bangers and nails are known for producing great dab flavor.

The V2 (version 2) opaque quartz nail and dish feature a reduced intake hole to increase dish volume on the inside while still maintaining reverse compatibility with carb caps. The dish radius was designed with Q-Tip Tech in mind allowing it to be easily cleaned and maintained with your favorite cotton swab.