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Dab Rigs

Find your perfect dab rig, oil rig or wax bong at Aqua Lab Technologies. We have many dab rigs, concentrate water pipes, vapor bubblers, recyclers and oil rigs to choose from. Dab rigs are often smaller than flower bongs and focus on flavor over percolators. Often smaller wax rigs are preferred for enhanced dab flavor because waxes, concentrates and hash oils are already refined, less filtration is needed to produce high quality flavorful vapor. Many OG smokers still opt for a powerful perc to stack their vapor bubbles and provide a powerful hit to companion the flavor. Whichever your dabbing style is, we have a nice dab rig available for your smoking pleasure. 

Dabbing is often a preferred method for smoking these days. Using a dab rig to smoke wax or oils provides a less harsh, more discreet smoking experience due to the vapor based style and scent. Aqua Lab has a large selection of both heady glass and scientific glass rigs which include many different sizes, styles and perc options to enhance your vaping experience including mini and micro sized rigs. Choose from a wide variety of quality vapor pipes, dab rigs and cheap dab rigs from brands such as a illadelph, Sokol Glass, Toro Glass, Mobius, Sheldon Black, Luke Wilson Glass, Health Stone and more.