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00 Box - Pocket Box Mini Humidor
Pocket Box Mini Humidor | 00 Box
Mini Dry Sift Kief Box | 00 Box
00 Box Dry Sift Hash Collector
Mini Hash Collection Box
00 Box Made in Spain
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00 Box - Pocket Box Mini Humidor


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The Pocket Box Mini Humidor by 00 Box is a small discreet box for storing marijuana, specifically designed to fit in your pocket or purse. The handcrafted mini humidor features rounded edges with no hinges or couplings. Securely held by magnets, the top and bottom lids can open either by sliding left of right. Made of cedar wood, the Pocket Box will impart a fragrant aroma and taste to your marijuana while keeping the buds moisture free. Within the Pocket Box is a 130 micron mesh pollen screen that will separate the trichomes from the flowers to be collected in the bottom lid.

Kief Box Features:

  • Handcrafted Out of Cedar Wood
  • Small, Lightweight Design with Rounded Edges
  • Magnetically Held Together Without External Hinges
  • Includes 130 Micron Pollen Extraction Screen
  • Dimensions: L (3.50") x W (2.00") x D (1.50")
  • Made in Spain