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Aqua Lab Technologies

45º 18mm Martini Hash Bowl

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The R2 Concentrate Slide will transform any bong with compatible joint into a functional concentrate device. The R2 Bowl is designed for smoking concentrates and will adapt to any standard 14mm glass on glass down stem. This slide features the Tri-Lock Screen Holder. These 3 carefully placed screen locks help promote a wider more even burning surface area by securely keeping a screen in place. The Tri-lock screen holder also makes it easier to blow or tap out remaining ash without losing the screen.  These slides work well with powders, dry sift, pressed hash and water extracts. With the new funnel shape design, remove the screen and use the bowl for flowers.

Concentrate Slide Features:

  • Tri-Screen Locks
  • Slide Joint: 18mm Male
  • Angle: 45 Degree Bent Angle
  • One Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Screen Included
  • Made in California