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American Helix Glass - Mini Helix Pipe

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The Helix Mini Classic Spoon Pipe by American Helix Glass is clearly function at it's finest. The trinity Venturi inlets cool the smoke making for smooth hits without water diffusion. The Venturi shaped body of the Classic Helix Pipe is manufactured to meet micro-hole and directional air-intake specifications that create an incredible Helix swirling smoke show, viewable from all angles. 

Helix Pipe Features:
  • Mini dry hand pipe
  • Classic spoon neck and bowl
  • Venturi body design
  • One hole push bowl with carb hole
  • Self standing
  • Complete pipe length: 5.50 inches
  • Signature Series Helix
  • Clear Scientific Glass
  • Available with different Helix logo colors
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Added December 13, 2017