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APE - Thin Skinny Rectangle Press Mould

The Thin Skinny press mould is the “hottest seller” in our stackable line. At a size of 0.75"H x 3.75"L x 1.75"W, makes this thin skinny mould superior for higher quality resins and /or smaller jobs. Higher quality resins don’t require as much pressure as lower quality resins, making this model ideal for better quality material. The "Thin Skinny" can be used with either the APE 2 Ton Press or Traditional Press. The Thin Skinny press mould is recommended for up to 20 grams of concentrate at a time.

Press Mould Features:

  • Included Three stacking plates
  • Dimensions: 0.75"H x 3.75"L x 1.75"W
  • Constructed from Quality Steel
  • Shipping Weight: 2.20 lbs
  • Made in California


Keeping the plates aligned and stacked in the correct order allows you to press your concentrate into a smooth even rectangular piece. Place one plate in the mold and insert the cellophane pouch loaded with concentrate. Add the remaining two plates on top making sure that the bottom two plates are perfectly aligned with the inside of the mold. Gently place the jack on top of the stack and pull down until totally compact.