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B. Wilson - Sandblasted Inline Recycler Bong

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Dive into a world where design meets unparalleled functionality. The Sandblasted Inline Recycler by Ben Wilson Glass isn't just a bong; it's a testament to craftsmanship and passion. Meticulously handcrafted in the U.S.A., it promises a refined smoking journey, blending optimal bubble action, diffusion, and filtration.

Why Opt for the Sandblasted Inline Recycler Bong?

  • Master Craftsmanship: Each recycler is a unique heady piece, showcasing the dedication and artistry behind its creation.
  • Superior Filtration: The reinforced inline gridded percolator maximizes bubble action, delivering a purified smoke.
  • Enhanced Diffusion: The external recycler chamber intensifies the diffusion, ensuring smoother, purer hits.
  • Splash-Free Sessions: The integrated triple donut splash guard ensures an uninterrupted experience, keeping splashes at bay.
  • Steadfast Design: Its flared base promises stability, ensuring your bong remains upright throughout.
  • Complete Set: Includes a 14mm Ben Wilson disc screen bong bowl, harmonizing with the bong.
  • Ideal Size: Stands elegantly at 16 inches with a 5-inch hollow base diameter.
  • Authentic Branding: Features the Ben Wilson sandblasted logo, signifying its authenticity.


  • Cleaning the Bong: Use recommended cleaning solutions and warm water for best results.
  • Usage: Primarily for dry herbs, but adaptable for concentrates with the right tools.
  • Material: Crafted from high-grade glass for durability and clarity.
  • Origin: Ben Wilson Glass hails from California, U.S.A., renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship.

Elevate your sessions with the Sandblasted Inline Recycler Bong by Ben Wilson Glass. A harmonious blend of design and performance, it's an essential addition for enthusiasts. Experience unparalleled smoking luxury today!


    Added October 31, 2023