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Blazer Torches - GB 4103 Table Top Torch Burner

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The Blazer GB 4103 Torch Flame features a state-of-the-art Piezo electronic crystal instant ignition system and adjustable wide brush blue torch flame with angled nozzle design. The GB 4103 Gas Burner has an approximately 1 hour burn time on a full tank of butane, with a maximum flame temperature of 2,370ºF (1,300ºC). The extra sturdy base is designed with safety in mind. The heavy-duty base prevents accidental tip-overs and helps to ensure maximum safety in the lab/work environment. Conveniently located air flow dial provides for greater flame control. Unique ridge body design ensures a firm grip. Lightweight, great for easy patient use. This is an excellent torch for Ti-Pads and other Concentrate utensils.

GB 4103 Torch Flame Features:

  • Piezo Instant Ignition System
  • Gas Flow Dial
  • Sturdy Base Helps Prevent Tip-Overs 
  • Butane Gas Capacity: 35 Grams
  • Approx. One Hour Burn Time
  • Easy Start Ignition Switch
  • Model: GB4103
  • Made in Japan