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Burtoni & Euphoria Squid Chopper Dab Rig Set

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Squid Chopper Hybrid Dab Rig Set by Burtoni & Euphoria Glassworks.

Dab Rig Set Features:

  • Eight Sculpted Legs with Suction Cups 
  • Four Missile Launchers
  • Slide Joint: 18mm Male
  • Chopper Blade Vapor Dome 
  • Total Width of Blades: 12.00 inches 
  • Vapor Dome Joint: 18mm Female
  • Concentrate Nail: One 18mm Glass Divited Nail 
  • Complete Length: 16.00 inches
  • Height from Base to Top of Globe: 6.50 inches 
  • Removable Concentrate Dish 
  • Removable Concentrate Dabber 
  • Dabber Length: 5.50 inches
  • Dabber Handle Includes Floating Opal
  • Signed in Ti Pen: Euphoria & Burtoni 2011
  • Made in Oregon