Cheech Glass

Cheech Glass - Slyme Mini Rig

The Slyme Mini Rig from Cheech Glass features a see through bell shaped water chamber and a fixed two-hole diffused downstem percolator. The 14mm female banger hanger joint is perfect for a quartz concentrate banger or domeless nail and does come with a 14mm flower bowl for herb smokers. This mini rig stands at just 6 inches tall, and is perfect for travel and storage, or as a daily driver. This mini wax rig is an affordable, quality made boro rig that is perfect for either dabbing concentrates or smoking bud.

Rig Features:

  • Mini bong
  • Angled neck and flared lip
  • 14mm female banger hanger joint
  • Fixed 2-hole diffused perc
  • Matching flower bowl with Maria handle is included
  • Perfect for storage or travel 
  • Bell shaped, transaparent water chamber
  • Made with quality boro glass
  • Slyme colored glass
  • Perfect for a quartz banger or bucket
  • Complete height: 6 inches
  • Base diameter: 3.5 inches
  • Cheech Glass logo

Added September 8, 2018