CoolJarz - Clear 1/8 oz Herb Container

Big Savings
Big Savings

Here's What's Hot about CoolJarz:

  • Easy-open threaded caps with integral double-seal
  • Exclusive sealing feature substantially extends product shelf life for worry-free pre-packaging
  • Airtight and watertight environment helps keep meds fresh
  • Odortight for secure storage and content privacy
  • Double-sealed lid retains a consistent level of humidity
  • Molded from lightweight, eco-friendly, natural-gas-based polypropylene
  • Advanced technology requires 30% to 50% less material than competitors
  • Special additive blocks 100% of UV light (includes Crystal Clear)
  • BPA-free, non-leaching medical grade plastic
  • FDA approved and food-contact compliant
  • 100% recyclable and made in the USA
  • CoolJarz signature gold caps ensure top-shelf look for all your meds

Herb Container Features:

  • Color: Clear
  • Signature Gold Cap
  • Size: 1/8 oz. (19 Drams)
  • Height: 70 mm (2.75 inches)
  • Width: 53 mm (2.08 inches)
  • Made in America